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f*ck yeah net art


Tomorrow I’ll show a new piece at Out of Office in Cardiff. It will also be available to the international internet via email.
The curatorial statement by Matthew Britton:
Out of Office is a micro curatorial platform that utilises the auto-reply feature that is present on most email accounts as a method of distributing art. I wish to suggest an even more intimate way of distributing and viewing online works, one which is primarily in the comfort of your own mailbox.In order to view the work you need only send an email to the assigned email address and wait for the auto reply.
“A Letter to Jennifer Knoll”
“Dear Jennifer,

Sometime in 1987, you were sitting on a beach in Bora Bora, looking at To’opua island, enjoying a holiday with a very serious boyfriend. […]
This photograph of a beautiful moment in your personal history has also become a part of my history, and that of many other people.”
(Constant Dullaart)

 Addie Wagenknecht Black Hawk Paint  ::  KATSU Black Magic

"Born Digital (April 15 – 30, 2014) is a benefit auction in support of Link Art Center’s activities: publishing and exhibiting both online and offline."


Beck - Black Tambourine. ASCII-video by Adam Levite, 2004.

Internet art in a gallery:

» 300_Sans-titres_[TextEdit] / 3H30_Perdus_[Temps] = Valse_à_mille_temps : Pour_(1)_capture_d’écran « in April 2014.

The Scream (Edvard Munch) by MEPH, via.